• Cartridge ID: EMS -  GB SMART CARD
• Released: 2009
• Manufacturer: EMS
• Rare feature: This cartridge basically rip off the USB enable Bleep Bloop cart concept. Cartridge capacity= 64 MB divided in two memory slots of 32 MB.

Why do I receive at GAMEBOYcarts.com:
I would never forget how many issues I got in the past with my 32 MB SMART cartridge series from EMS… disgusting battery issues, some stability issues in live mode, etc. My experience with EMS cartridges was terrible UNTIL NOW. When I discovered their USB 64 MB on the kitsch bent store I said ” WTF”… they ripped off the Bleep Bloop cartridge design concept, but you know 64 MB of capacity makes me  smile :-) . I can’t understand why EMS never worked seriously to create a better cartridge system before the USB cartridge success, seems like right now they know how important is the new technology resources like a simple USB port mixed up with old school cartridge concept for LSDJ users or gamers, Do you remember the T-REX 32 MB smart card transfer-er?… WTS!!!

In my personal opinion I believe in the Bleep Bloop efforts creating a great, stable and nice looking modern cartridge. My friend Ralp from: Distortled Box says: “Well the huge difference between Bleep Bloop and EMS cartridge is just the capacity 16 MB vs. 64 MB, think about people like me… I have lot of song data to carry on each gig… I really respect the Bleep Bloop work, but 64 MB it’s so cool man!!!”. The positive feeling in all of this is the fact of how many developers are now working  to offer their cartridges for LSDJ users.

I tested the EMS cart for about 6 hours and is really good & stable. The Software is also pretty easy to use working with Parallels Desktop for Mac users, also bringing support for PC users running  WIN XP, WIN VISTA, or WIN 7. The battery replacement system is the same used on the USB Bleep Bloop carts> without soldering :-) .

EMS 64 MB smart card set - closed

EMS 64 MB smart card set - closed

The instructions and system requirements...

Cartridge Features...

OOOOHHHHH!!!!! ;-)

OOOOHHHHH!!!!! ;-)

Another... OOOHHHHH!!!!

Another... OOOHHHHH!!!!

USB!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

USB!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

48 Responses to “EMS GAME BOY SMART CARD – 64 MB”

  1. Kitsch-Bent says:

    wonderful review! maybe I’m a tad biased, but I love these cartridges as well. 2 menus, 64M is space, USB, and an easy-change battery are huge improvements for EMS stuff. So much better than the older 32M cartridges (very outdated now anyways). nicely done… and objective.

  2. Drop 1410 says:

    Yeah man… seems like EMS wake up and made huge improvements on their cartridges


  3. Prg It Loud says:

    I have got 2xGB USB smart card 64M by E.M.S. and 2xNon-USB cart. by BleepBloop (thx Matthew) and both work perfectly.

    In my opinion, Jose’s cartridge is prettier than E.M.S. but the second is also cool (and good for games or LSDJ).

    An objective text. Well done.

  4. Thretris says:

    Yeah man, these things are just great. I had one from kitsch for about 2 days, then I sent it off to a kid as a replacement for a Red PCB Bleep Bloop that would not hold a save.

    The software was extremely clean and friendly, and the amount of games I tossed on there was incredible.

    I need to get another one of these just games, nothing like having LSDJ, and all 5 of my beloved Megaman games on one cart (with room to spare)

    Great write up, have you tried swapping the case on these suckers? Its the big as battery in the way like the 32M?

  5. Drop 1410 says:

    Hi Thretris… well I confirm that it’s impossible to fit the 64 MB cartridge into a classic one… there’s two RESISTORS in the top of the PCB board that take much space to fit in one original cartridge… but I’m working to find and make a really nice experiment ;-) … I’ll let you know more soon!


  6. edudu says:

    So… is this 64Megabits? or MEGABYTES?

    It says it’s 64M so its 8mb, right…?

  7. Prg It Loud says:

    E.M.S. cartridge inside Nintendo’s GB standard cartridge (by a r o t t e n b i t): http://8bitcollective.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=17092

  8. bobby says:

    i need help with this card every time i plug it into my gameboy advance the battery runs out immediately, turning the battery light off, and a few seconds later turning off the system help!

  9. m0eb1us says:

    Hey, I’m having the same problem as bobby does (I think). I’ve just got my cartridge recently (it’s about 3 days old), and have played with it for about 3 hours at most. But after a bit of time when I plugged it into my gba sp the gameboy advance staring screen came (normally the old gameboy starting screen should appear) in and then nothing happened. I tried running other cartridges (including LSDJ) and everything runs just fine. What could be the cause? I suppose the battery is out in the card. Or should it be working without it? As I said the card is brand new, maybe they shipped it with an almost empty battery? Anyone else experienced the same problem? Any help would be appreciated!

  10. daddyjoyjoy says:

    The battery should be just for save files. Sounds like the pins on the cart aren’t making contact properly in the GBA SP cartridge slot.

    Either that, or the cart is defective and just crapped out, since the GBA is acting like no cartridge is inserted.

  11. DU0 says:

    Is there a way to reduce the size of the games?

    I mean, there was a tool capable of reducing the size of the GBA games back in the day, which allowed you to put one or two more games by getting ridden of the duumies that come with the game roms.

    Is there such thing on the gbc too? Even though the pages have 32mb each, I can never fit two 16mb games on it >.<

  12. zac corrie says:

    hiya man how do i get 1 ?

  13. Carlo says:

    is it difficult to run lsdj with this cartridge?

  14. Drop 1410 says:

    Hey man… th answer is NO, is really easy to run LSDJ on this cartridge ;-) , like any other cartridge (Bleep Bloop or EMS).


  15. Rene Morin says:

    Read that this is a comment i sent to Kitsch about compatibility and problems. and i solved some problems. i hope it help some people:

    thanks. i understand the problem of gameboy color game. YOU CANT MIX gb color games and gb mono games on the same PAGE. this way i have no glitch on gb color games anymore. so i put gb mono games on page 1. and gb color games on page 2.

    All Gb color games seem to work now. im happy about that.

    i have 3 gb mono game that dont work , the others 27 gb mono roms work perfect. the 3 gb mono games that dont work are: Gargoyle quest (dont load), megaman 5 (dont load ) and mario land 2 ( world map dont work, you can only play stage 1) i tried several roms version of each game. If you find a WAY TO GET THESE GAMES WORKING, contact me thanks. i try to put theses games each alone on page 2 and it doesnt work.

    Now i have to say you something very important. my father is a electronician technician specialist in repair video game console. You surely have some people that told you that the 64m gb cart work pretty bad on the gameboy sp. there a trick. the gb track is too loose on your cart. my father open the cart and put glue in the hole in the middle of the cart. so the track is not loose anymore. and he has to put the track a little father in the right than middle. i hope you understand my bad english LOL NOW THE CART WORK EVERYTIME 100% i try it in any game boy console. before that i had to insert the cart 5 to 20 times before getting it working in my gameboy sp. for the original gameboy your cart was working everytime. Now with the repair of my father it work the first time i insert it in any gameboy model: gba, gb sp or original gb. i dont own a gameboy color to try it.

    Now im verry happy with it. if you find a way to get working any of these 3 gb mono games: gargoyle quest, mariland 2 and megaman V. i would appreciate it. otherwise i will live with it LOL


  16. BRK! says:

    So..Is this better than the smartboy cart?

  17. Drop 1410 says:

    For me… YES… is better!

  18. BRK! says:

    You should do a review of the 32M Smart Card!

    Why is it better? I’m trying to find a really good cart to use.
    I think this is the one, I just wish it would fit in an original cartridge….

  19. heartdelay says:

    Hey amigo :) Tu reseña es buena, quiero comprar un cartucho como el de BleepBloop pero acabo de ver está opción y se ve más economica que la de Bleep, pero ya no la encuentro en ningun lado :(
    Tanto en Kitsch-Bent o nonelectronics se agotó, y en la página de EMS no dice nada al respecto. Tu sabes donde puedo conseguir alguno, o si alguien que conoces tiene alguno para vender?

    Si no tendré que conformarme con el de Bleep. haha :P

  20. Drop 1410 says:

    Hola heartdelay, El único sitio que aún tiene en existencia es este: http://dmgs-r-us.jimdo.com/shop/cartridges/


    Corre que se acaban!!

  21. Victor says:

    Hola! Me gustaria saber si para meter un rom en el cartucho y jugar en la gameboy necesitas parchearlo o algo asi como en la gameboy advance.
    Muchas gracias

  22. Drop 1410 says:

    Hola Victor, bienvenido a gameboycarts.com ;-) si compras este cartucho de EMS y tienes la ROM del juego en tu PC o MAC simplemente a través del programa que trae el propio fabricante del cartucho de EMS, podrás grabar 1 ó varios juegos en el cartucho. Este cartucho se utiliza popularmente en el mundo 8 bits para hacer música con GAME BOY pero puedes usarlo perfectamente para jugar.

  23. Greetings! I’m very impressed by the useful post. May quote a part of your blog post in my blog? Thanks!

  24. Drop 1410 says:

    Not a problem… thanks!

  25. camdude says:

    does does this or does this not work with the oldschool (dmg) gameboy

    i really want to run lsdj on that gameboy and this seems like the best idea. . .

  26. FlashFan says:

    is Compatible with Super GameBoy?

  27. Crab says:

    this found on a gameboy advance SP?

  28. Good web site! I thoroughly enjoyed your content material …very nicely written.

  29. Happy Puppy says:

    Where to find those USB Cable?

    Is This Cable goes with the Smart Card in the package or it is sells separately? I dont see the USB Cable on the pictures above :(

    Is this Cable with 2 USB connectors on the both sides of the cable? I dont know if any other Electronic Company sells a cable with that kind of Connector as The Smart Card haves(as its shown at the 5th picture).

    Please help!

  30. Zombie says:

    You could find that in any computer shop. It’s two ends are “standard USB connector” and “standard mini USB connector”. It’s very common, may be you have several of them in your home already.

  31. Jamie Nasr says:

    Thank you for supplementary great blog. Exactly where otherwise could i recieve this particular thoughtful of info designed in such an stimulate full way? i’ve been seeing with regard to such fine detail.

  32. Happy Puppy says:

    Does E.M.S haves any plans on releasing an successor to Smart Card where you can save the games wich is in the cartridge (the games that haves save function) ?

    It is really little bad for this 64Mbit Smart Card because saves just one game no matter how much games you have putted on the card.
    You must keep your SAV files to your computer.

    Oh, and doese E.M.S haves own web-page on the net?
    I would like to ask him some questions.

  33. Moniz says:

    I have loads of problems with it..
    I’m only using it for playing games, mainly RPG’s that are hard to find.
    The problem is the Sram of this divice.
    When the smartcard is not correcly insered into the gameboy (you’ll notice that the startup “Nintendo logo is blurred or the game doesn’t start) it will damage the data on the Sram!
    It happend a couple of times when playing dragon warrior, first I thought it happend because I flashed the second half of the memory, but it happend aswell after what I just discribed.
    It’s a good card, but not if your fond of what you save on your sram…

  34. Santos says:

    Anybody know where i can buy a cartridge so i can make chiptune music using my gameboy color? Every place i look is either a dead link or just a forum =(

  35. Joe says:

    What kinds of mapper support does this have? A real-time clock? I’m not sure if you need a RTC for syncing music but it would probably be more accurate. Losing sync after 30 seconds could be very annoying when mixing! ;) The mapper would have to be one that can support 64MB which probably means one that can be configured to emulate the standard ones but map to 4MB pages. I’m wondering because I’m interested in the homebrew scene. I saw someone programmed code that allows you to fill up a flash cart with 100s of images, then display them on a real GB. Kind of neat! :)

  36. Ryan says:

    How do i buy one of these

  37. HappyPuppy says:

    I want to buy the EMS Game Boy Smart Card, but first I want to know:

    Is there is a way to change the game that you are playng without changing the Power Switch OFF to ON ?
    How to go to the Menu-Screen where are the Names of the Games are showed without changing the Power-Swithch?

    I think that is not too good for the Game Boy to changing the Power-Swittch everytime when you changing the Game.

    Please ansswer me for this.


  38. Hey Ryan, you can buy one here: http://www.nonelectronics.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=112

    I just got one shipped to me the other day. LSDJ here I come!

    Brett W.
    FightCube a t gmail d o t com

  39. Brown says:

    Can someone please upload a video to youtube on how to install this device on a Windows PC running XP (32bit). My netbook refuses to accept the drivers!

  40. andreas says:

    Hi how can i get one in spain? thanks

  41. Drop 1410 says:

    Hi Andres… check this out: http://lowtoy.com/shop

    This guys are from Barcelona city ;-)


  42. jamie hutber says:

    Hi Guys

    One really quick question that i haven’t seen explicitly answered as of yet. But does this cartage actually play games.

    So can i copy a rom i have onto the card, plug the card into my gbc and then play games normally?


  43. gavin says:

    where can i buy an lsdj cartrigde can anyone help me please :)

  44. somedude says:

    the solution to play megaman v and other game is here: http://thegaminguniverse.org/ninjagaiden4/mottzilla/smartcard.html

    and to the guy asking where to buy go to http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/usb-64m-smart-card

  45. Skyler says:

    where could I get a cartridge with LSDJ on it? the link sends me to a GB USB smart card, but I would much prefer a cartridge with Lsdj on it. Or could someone send me a link to a LSDJ sticker I could put on the cartridge? Thanks for reading

  46. null says:

    Can anyone confirm if this works with “Mario Family” (a Gameboy Color game that is actually a sewing application).

    What you do is connect your Gameboy Color to the sewing machine via link cable and the machine will be given instructions how to “embroider” Mario characters.

  47. snotnose says:

    GBA roms don’t work on this

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