Maybe you know or you have this information, but I think it’s totally amazing how this guy built a gameboy oscilloscope from scratch. Here’s a copy of the original MOD information that can be found in RANCH

Someone figured out how to make something useful out of a gameboy. How bout that?

I saw a website about this a few years ago and it sounded too cool to pass up. And it was. Although I since bought a PC based Oscope that is more powerful and practical, the GBDSO is nonetheless useful and if nothing else has an extremely high coolness factor. If I can’t do anything else with it, I can show it at my kids’ science fairs and get accolades.

This hack by S.G. Willis is a brilliant piece of work and speaks volumes about the art and utility of hacking

It is a 2 channel scope and works pretty good. The probe connectors are a bit rickety and I’m constantly afraid I’ll break them off or mess up the board similarly. Using the standard GB button interface to get what you need is a bit funny, but he did a great job with the firmware making it menu based. The only thing funny about mine is some ghosting of the image that happens after a while in operation. A reset clears it up, but it always comes back. Still, a really neat project.

You can now buy the kit from Elektor Magazine, based in the UK. Below is a link to the site for info on purchasing this.

Link to the kit you will need:

As you can see, the board is sized to fit inside a standard cartridge. I bought a game from my 7 year old son Sam for $3 that he didn’t use anymore, and put this board into it. Sam has supplied many toys with which he no longer has interest to my robotics projects. At a reasonable price of course.

The shot on the right shows the 2 DC jack inputs where you connect probes. You’ll have to make a small adapter to go from BNC (most probes have this connector anyway) to the DC jack.



  1. Birch says:

    *speechless*…. Whoah… he let you use his Pokemon Yellow? (Haha). Only kidding, amazing hack! I can’t wait to do this myself. You don’t specify which kit you need for it, so here it is:

    It’s 126.90 British Pounds so I don’t think just anyone would be able to do it.

  2. Drop 1410 says:

    Hey Birch, thanks for the link I updated the post and placed the link ;-) … yeah the price is HIGH but for sure more people would like to made this mod.


  3. LittleMofreaky says:

    Sweet mod

  4. uber says:

    very cool!

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